Frequently Asked Questions


The Formula 1 meal replacement shake is one Herbalife’s core weight loss products. The shakes are used to replace your normal breakfast and lunch and contain a unique blend of carbohydrates, protein and essential vitamins and minerals making them a complete healthy meal. The various supplements are used hand in hand with the shakes to help you reach your goals and give you everything you need to lose weight responsibly. Please ask us for a personal plan and depending on your goals we can advise you on which products would be suitable for you!
We promote the Herbalife ‘Healthy Breakfast’ this is used as a weight maintenance plan or simply as an alternative to your normal breakfast that will help boost energy levels, set you up for the day and keep your weight in check! Simply replace your normal breakfast with a shake and eat a nutritionally balanced lunch and dinner. Please ask us for a personal plan :).
Herbalife has an allergen free Formula 1, so you can enjoy the products as well, the Formula 1 ‘Free From’ is gluten, lactose and soy free. Herbalife are also introducing a new generation of Formula 1 shakes that will be all gluten free! Currently there are 3 new flavours, Cafe Latte, Banana Cream and Apple Spice. Ask us what other products are suitable for you 🙂

2x scoops of Formula 1 to 250ml of low-fat milk or a milk alternative for example light soy/almond milk. Fresh fruit or frozen berries can be blended up to make a delicious smoothie, check out our shake recipe ideas!

The Formula 1 shakes are vegetarian, some products do contain gelatine (Protein Bars & Cell Activator) and fish oils (Herbalifeline).
The supplements are used to maximise weight loss, boost energy and give you everything your body needs to lose weight effectively. Please ask for suitable products depending on your personal goals.

Pregnancy is one of the most extraordinary processes our body undergoes and optimum nutrition is important to maintain your health during this precious time. While most adults can safely use Herbalife, with no side effects some of the products are not recommended while pregnant and breastfeeding. These include products that contain caffeine and certain herbs.


You should not be on a Herbalife diet (or any other diet) while breastfeeding the child. The reason for it is that the child need to have a very high-caloric intake from you. By going on a diet, you would put your child on a diet as well, in the months of her/his life where she/he needs the richest nutrition.

So I would say: wait carefully until you are completely done with breastfeeding to begin to diet as the baby needs a very rich nutrition. Also, you should always consult a doctor before beginning any kind of diet, this is particularly true after pregnancy).
You’re doing well breastfeeding your baby, besides all the obvious advantages it has, it makes you lose the weight accumulated during pregnancy.

There are 21 servings in a canister of Formula 1, when used to aid weigh loss one canister of F1 will last just under 2 weeks.
If you have been diagnosed with a specific condition or are taking prescribed medication, we advise you to have a chat with your health care provider before making significant changes in your diet. We can supply product labels with all nutritionally information if this is required.
Trust us once you start Herbalife, it will probably become part of your everyday! There are so many products to choose from that will help in all areas of wellness that you will have a little bit of Herbalife everywhere from your bathroom to the fridge :). Your breakfast shake should become part of your daily routine.


1) The payment should have been processed. You’ll receive an email within minutes notifying that your order has the status “Processing”.

2) We will process your order as soon as possible. Beware that orders made in the evening will be processed the next working day. Delays may occur on weekends and holiday periods. Once it has been packed and on its way to a our cattier, the order will be marked as processed.

This problem arises when you input a wrong email address. Sometimes we manage to find the typo but it’s not always that noticeable. Send us an email with your name, we’ll make the modifications on your order so that you get the notification emails.

It means that your parcel has been packed. It has been or will be handed to our carrier very soon and you’ll receive a tracking link afterwards. From that point it’s not possible for us to make changes to your order.

Don’t mistake it with the “Processing” status: when you submit an order you receive an email within a few minutes to notify you that your order has a “Processing” status. 

Contact us as soon as possible: once your order is put on status “Processed” we won’t be able to change anything.

It can happen when paying with credit cards, when you click repeatedly on the checkout button. Contact us as soon as you notice it, so we can refund you. If you don’t, it could take more time but we will notice this anomaly when reviewing our accounts (once every few weeks) and refund the additional payment. The money will then be back on your bank account within 5 days, from the moment you get a “Refunded” status on your order or a notification from our part about it. 

Please check your PayPal account or credit card. Maybe you don’t have the autorisation to perform a transaction now. Most often it occurs when there is not enough money on the account. Also check that the details are right (card number, code, etc.).


The Herbalife warehouse uses DPD, please remember to include your mobile number with your order so they can give you delivery updates via SMS.
We supply products directly from the Herbalife warehouse. The warehouse is situated in the Netherlands and supplies the whole of Northern Europe with Herbalife products.

Delivery takes between 2-4 business days.

We ship Herbalife products to UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). If you are abroad and would like to purchase Herbalife products contact Herbalife in your particular country.

Help and Support

I need an advice / I’ve a question : how do I contact the support team? 

Should you have any question, just go on the contact page (accessible at the bottom of the webpage) and fill in the contact form. You can also send us an email at 

The support team will reply to your email ASAP. Support is normally opened from 9:00am to 4:00pm on working days.